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Sevenstreets: So, what have the Americans ever done for us?

SevenstreetsA quick look at the ten best influences in Liverpool at a time when American businessmen threaten to rip the lifebeat out of its footballing community: http://www.sevenstreets.com/talk-and-opinion/so-what-have-the-americans-ever-given-us/

Liverpool.com Blog – Cul-de-sacked



Ever wanted to re-enact the moment Jimmy Corkhill was locked in his own bedroom suffering from the effects of cold turkey? Well, now you can-for a measly half a mil. The famous Brookside close where so many happy and poignant memories took place is up for sale, with house prices ranging between £550,000-£600,000 which seems a bit steep in today’s financial climate, especially as most of them have overgrown gardens and are in dire need of repairs. Still, it’s a slice of TV history. You can always claim Trevor Jordache died in your kitchen and was buried under your patio! The auction takes place on 17th December at, you guessed it, Brookside close. Let’s hope there’s some hilarious quips like when Ron Dixion heard the Simpson’s had bought No.9 in ’96. “Which one? Baaaaaart or ‘Omer?”


Liverpool.com Magazine – December ’08 Issue


Pieces I’ve done for the final issue in this Capital of Culture year. Includes contents page, Masterplan for the month ahead, Buy it! page and assisted with sourcing images for the 50 greatest Liverpool albums.


Liverpool.com Blog – School’s out forever


Get home early. Gange Hill’s closing its doors forever tonight, which makes you wonder if there was ever a point in moving it up North in the first place. Phil Redmond has already admitted today that ‘it’s time to hang up its mortar board’ after coming to the conclusion that kids lives today no longer reflect challenging issues created by the programme. It’s a shame as the tea-time show used to bring to light educational concerns such as drugs in the school corridors, highlighted by this clip of Kevin Jenkins dropping acid before Maths:

Leading to the ever popular ‘Just say No!’ campaign, Grange Hill has certainly left its mark on society, so tune in tonight at 4:35pm to say farewell as Mark Fowler from Eastenders finds an unexploded bomb under the school disco (not a word of this is a lie!).

World Firefighter Games Top 10 – Liverpool.com


Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service beat off competition from Dubai and Ireland to stage the World Firefighter Games, in conjunction with the 2008 celebrations, and they’re looking to make it the best games yet.

With most of the Capital of Culture parade featuring music and art based subjects, it’s really refreshing to see a sporting programme on the agenda. Featuring events such as the muscle busting Toughest Firefighter Alive and the more tactically aware games like chess, there is something for everyone to enjoy – and it’s a great way to thank the fire crews worldwide who offer us so much protection.

With over 70 events to choose from, it’ll be an event in itself planning your timetable and choosing which competitions to see, so we’re offering our guide to the top ten events to watch out for…
The official games village of the Echo Arena will play host to the lavish opening ceremony which includes a performance from the Queen’s Irish Guards and a world record breaking ‘Hey-Jude-sing-a-thon’. Including entertainment from Brouahaha International, it’s going to be an explosive opening!

Monday 25th August, Echo Arena – 10am

The TFA is the big one, the Blue Ribbon event to be crowned the Toughest Firefighter on the planet. Using St Georges Plateau as a backdrop, competitors will have Hose runs, Obstacle courses, stair climbs and other baptisms of fire to test their mettle. Do not miss this main event! Wed 27th, Thur 28th, Fri 29th, Sun 31st August, St Georges Plateau – 9am

Firefighters aren’t just humans you know, Fire dogs will also have a chance at getting gold. Skills such as agility, water rescues and cross country will be put to the test of these canines who are hoping to avoid a paw performance. Split between Croxteth Park and Dukes Dock. Tuesday 26th & Thursday 28th August, Croxteth Hall and Country Park-9am, Wednesday 27th August, Dukes Dock-9am

Held at the Landrover experience in Speke, this event is designed to push the driving skills of firefighters which include negotiating an obstacle course in a Land Rover Discovery and accuracy challenges. Tuesday 26th Aug, Landrover Experience – Speke, 8:30 am

Hoof it down to Aintree to see the wonderful condition these service horses are kept in. The world famous racecourse will host spectacles from dressage and show jumping over three days. A unified event for both Firemen and Firewomen to wind up the politically correct. Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th August, Aintree racecourse-10am

Firefighters half-naked flexing their muscles and covered in oil? It’s a chance for Firefighters to show off the physique their job gives them and ladies, you’d be stupid to miss it. Tuesday 26th – 27th August, Echo Arena-10am

Missing the Tour de France? Don’t worry, the time trial is just one of a number of cycling events. Hosted at the Rainford bypass, competitors will have to circumnavigate a strict course, with the fastest time getting the yellow jersey. Thursday 28th August, Rainford Bypass-11am

Following in the footsteps of MasterChef, competitors will have to create a two course meal from £15 worth of ingredients in just under two hours, whilst judging will be based on skills such as hygiene, composition and presentation. If you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen! Friday 29th August, Liverpool Community College -9am

Poker you say? It’s the Firefighters choice whilst waiting to be called to duty. The event itself kicks off at 2:30pm and the game is Texas Hold ’em. Think these guys have nerves of steel in front of a towering inferno? Let’s see how they fare when all they have is a 2 and a 4… Monday 1st Sept, Leo Casino – Queens Dock, 12pm

Competitors can unwind after the games by attending the closing ceremony at the Echo arena. A ticketed event costing £40, they’ll be treated to a fancy dinner and a full entertainment roster. Register online as tickets will sell like hot cakes! Tuesday 2nd Sept, Echo Arena – Evening

For more information: Tel:  0870 888 1888 or WEB: wfg08.com

‘Buy It!’ Page – Liverpool.com Magazine


Tall Ships Festival Guide ’08 – Liverpool.com


If you’ve been busy at work or have had your head jammed in a lamb banana, then surely you must have seen the masts peeking over the Liver buildings on the far horizon, brushing the sky. The Tall Ships are coming, but luckily, they mean us no harm. Over sixty of the worlds largest boats will park themselves in the Albert and Wellington Docks to prepare for the Annual race which is only held in European waters, with the compass this year pointing towards the finishing line of the Netherlands.

The event’s getting the Royal seal of approval from HRH Princess Anne on Friday 18th at noon as she tours two of the enormous vessels and kick starts the ceremony. Some ships like The Mir of Russia and Dar Młodzieży of Poland span the length of a football pitch, although they will look better than Wigan’s did last season. Festivities will carry on until 10pm with the party carrying on from 10am on the weekend of 19th and 20th July. The docks close on Monday 21st for the Parade of Sail with everything being finished by 4pm.

With a range of activities for the public to get involved in, we look at the five best ways you can get the most of out your day:

Shanties ’08:

The Sea Shanty is steeped in maritime folklore and Merseyside history, and helped many a scurvy sea dog survive another day with their morale boosting yo-ho-ho’s. Shanties ’08 will try to help recreate that in a modern way, with artists such as La Moresca Antica, Armstrong’s Patent and The Boat Band performing on various ships and around the city centre, with a showpiece concert being held on Saturday evening at the Urban centre in Greenland street at 7pm.

Various venues, 18th – 20th July 12pm – 10pm, Tel – 08444 771 000

Visit www.shanties08.co.uk for more information.

Little Brig:

If you’re worried about where to leave the little treasures then give them a life jacket and send them off to the thirty foot long brig BOB ALLEN, which is currently shored up in the Salthouse Dock. It’s a Tall Ship that has been specially built for Buccaneers aged 10 and above to test out their sea legs whilst groups of five can book a free 3 hour trip.

Salthouse Dock, Mon 7th – Mon 21st July, Tel-07876 345 968

Jump ship rat:

Jump ship rat is perhaps best known for its off the wall artworks with this years effort being no exception. A giant mobile waterfall and an animated environmental sculpture will be making its way around the Albert Dock during the weekend, and the prospect of a mobile water hazard other than the ones at Royal Birkdale certainly make our mouths water.

Albert Dock, Fri 18th – Sun 20th 12pm – 10pm

Royal Marine Band Concerts:

The Royal Marine Band will proudly be showing off their musical muscle instead of their military might outside of Liverpool One and Williamson Square from 17th and 18th July at 2:30pm and 3:45pm respectively. A perfect to get in the Naval mood before heading down Dockside.

Liverpool One/Williamson Square, Thur 17th – Fri 18th 2:30pm and 3:45pm

Parade of Sail:

The closing ceremony for the event will see the docks closed to the public as the ships depart by 11:30am. Led by the HMS Argyll, you can wave goodbye to these magnificent vessels from the Waterfront, although there are other viewpoints from the Britannia Pub to Wallesy town hall, although Pier head is sadly closed due to ongoing construction work.

Various Venues, Mon 21st July 2pm – 4pm,

And of course, whilst there it’d be a good idea to check out the Tall Ships! We pick the five we feel you definitely shouldn’t miss:


It’s the Roman Abramovich of boats, all consuming, destroying everything in it’s path. This Russian behemoth is one of the worlds largest with a length of 359ft, but amazingly enough, its name means ‘Peace’ and can be manned by a crew of only 30 people. It’ll be shored in the Sandon Half-Tide Dock. One not to miss.

Sandon Half-Tide Dock, Fri 18th 12pm – 10pm, Sat 19th – Sun 20th, 10am – 10pm

Lord Nelson:

Lord Nelson is unique as a Tall Ship as it is one of only two in the world built specifically for disabled sailors. Named after Admiral Nelson himself, it’s owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust, which aims to give physically disabled sailors the experience of a lifetime. Offering wheelchair access on the day, Lord Nelson will Berth herself at the Wellington Dock.

Wellington Dock, Fri 18th 12pm – 10pm, Sat 19th – Sun 20th, 10am – 10pm

Glaciere of Liverpool:

Whilst visiting the Docks, why not visit a ship that has an actual connection to the City? The Class B Glaciere of Liverpool now has a permanent home in the Colburg Dock, which is a lot cosier than its previous home – sunk at the bottom of Collingwood Dock. £300,000 has been spent restoring her and she now teaches the young how to sail and dive, and will be holed up at the Albert Dock.

Albert Dock, Fri 18th 12pm – 10pm, Sat 19th – Sun 20th, 10am – 10pm


Originally an Arctic fishing vessel, the Pelican has had a lot of reconstruction work put into it by its new British owners including state of the art vacuum toilets. Whether you’ll be able to use these on the day is open to question, but you should pop along to see the ships magnificent square sails which give the Pelican greater speed and agility.

Wellington Dock, Fri 18th 12pm – 10pm, Sat 19th – Sun 20th, 10am – 10pm


Built in Poland in ’79, the Spaniel may looks as fierce as she sounds but don’t let that fool you. She can add crossing the Atlantic to her CV and has has previous successes in the Tall Ships race. Privately owned since ’97, Spaniel makes a living training Latvian youngsters to sail and can be located in the Albert Dock.

Albert Dock, Fri 18th 12pm – 10pm, Sat 19th – Sun 20th, 10am – 10pm

For more information, visit http://www.tallshipsliverpool.co.uk