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GAMES? – Spotlight: Cave Story

Spotlight feature for Issue 1 of GAMES? Cave Story: http://gamesquestionmark.com/issue1/spotlight-cave-story.htm

GAMES? – Alien Hominid Feature – How To Create A Behemoth

Feature for first issue of GAMES? online magazine – Alien Hominid: How To Create A Behemoth: http://gamesquestionmark.com/issue1/feature-how-to-create-a-behemoth.htm

We Really Love Games! – GamesMaster Magazine Issue 208




This month, Janis Stevenson’s lovingly crafted DS Gameboy pouches! Check them out at http://tinyurl.com/67clur.

GM: A Gameboy within a Gameboy. Genius! How did you come up with the idea?

I was brainstorming new pouch ideas and it just popped into my head. I started with the original and a customer gave me the idea for the colour.  The original is my personal favourite; I like that it could be mistaken for a real Gameboy!

GM: How long do these pouches take to make? Is it awkward?

Each pouch takes about an hour and a half total. Now that I’ve made around 300 pouches, the process is pretty streamlined and comes second nature to me. The hand sewing takes the most time and effort. Needle pricks and sore fingers are part of the job.

GM: Any other gaming goodness in your head? What are the plans for the next project?

The Wiimote is always in my head, but I haven’t worked that one out yet. I’d like to make a pouch for DS accessories and game cartridges. Maybe a Wiimote shaped cartridge case or a pouch that looks like the Gameboy advance could be next.

GM: Is pocket gaming your only passion?

I’m always finding something different to make. I love Halloween. Costumes, decorations, candy. It gets me in a lot of trouble! I always have time for Zelda, it seems like I’m always waiting for a new Zelda game to come out. They don’t make them fast enough.

GM: Finally, what are you up to at the moment?

I’m sewing everyday! Pouches aside, I am trying to finish a Megaman quilt that I started in February. It gets pushed to the back burner when I get swamped with orders, but I hope to have it done soon. I just beat Fable 2, I’m still working on the achievements, though.

GM: Thanks, Janis!

gbpouch1CAPTION: Hard working Janis makes them all the colours of the rainbow.

gbpouch2CAPTION: Gameboys through the ages. Which one would you rather play, though?

janisCAPTION: Janis, proving the best way to rest sewing pains is to play on your Gameboy!


Send us your pics to You Thought You Loved Games? GamesMaster, Future Publishing Ltd, 30 Monmouth St, Bath, BA1 2BW and you could be featured in the pages of GM!

LittleBigPlanet Developer Interview – GamesMaster Magazine Issue 204


We Want Your Job!
Pestering the jammiest jobsmiths in the business

LittleBigPlanet fever has hit the GM office, so to try and find a cure, we talked to Daniel Leaver of Media Molecule who helped make the PS3 smash.

1: Hi there Dan, tell us about your role on LittleBigPlanet.

My role on LittleBigPlanet is level designer. Usually, we would spend our time crafting unique ways to challenge Sackboy as he progresses through LBP. In addition, I helped with balancing gameplay ideas and online features, as level designers usually spend the most time actually playing the game and deciding if a feature is fun or not!

2: Level designer is pretty impressive for such a big title; surely good grades and university played their part?

I’m not sure the course I chose at university played much of a part (considering I did Criminology!), but university proves that you can stick at something and knuckle down. I had a strong portfolio. During uni, I worked on a mod for Valve’s Half-Life 2, which I poured my heart into. That got me the interview at Media Molecule; that and a love of games.

3: Was it satisfying working on the games levels? What makes them so unique and groundbreaking?

Absolutely! Over the last year and a half I’ve enjoyed exploring what’s possible with the LBP physics engine. We simply took the basic game rules we had and pushed what we could do with them. The result is that every level in LBP is different to the one before; it’s a really varied and exciting experience, and we hope it’ll inspire the gaming public to build bigger and better stuff!

4: What are the hopes for LittleBigPlanet? Is it finally going to be the killer game the PS3 needs?

I think that the PS3 has loads of really exciting games on the horizon, but clearly I’d love for LBP to be a big success. I think what we’re good at Media Molecule is not getting carried away with our own hype; we know that after all the marketing and reviews and everything is done, it’s what the player experiences that matters.

5: Any tips for youngsters looking to get into the gaming industry?

A passion for games is vital! As for any art or design roles similar to mine, you’ll need a portfolio to be proud of. Look at other games and artists and at the level of quality they produce; if you don’t challenge yourself and your designs, you won’t improve. Above all, don’t be scared to apply! You’ll never get that dream job unless you try.

Five items:

1: A model of my favourite car, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Probably the only one I’ll ever own!

2: Sir Francis Drake’s ring from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Awesome game.

3: Jin Kazama from Tekken, clearly the best fighting game of all time.

4: The sentinel machine from The Matrix. It falls under the ‘toy’ category, so I should probably be more than a little ashamed.

5: A photo of my beautiful girlfriend Lindsay-Kay. She’s probably the most inspiring aspect of my life and I hope to make her proud. /gush.

World Firefighter Games Top 10 – Liverpool.com


Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service beat off competition from Dubai and Ireland to stage the World Firefighter Games, in conjunction with the 2008 celebrations, and they’re looking to make it the best games yet.

With most of the Capital of Culture parade featuring music and art based subjects, it’s really refreshing to see a sporting programme on the agenda. Featuring events such as the muscle busting Toughest Firefighter Alive and the more tactically aware games like chess, there is something for everyone to enjoy – and it’s a great way to thank the fire crews worldwide who offer us so much protection.

With over 70 events to choose from, it’ll be an event in itself planning your timetable and choosing which competitions to see, so we’re offering our guide to the top ten events to watch out for…
The official games village of the Echo Arena will play host to the lavish opening ceremony which includes a performance from the Queen’s Irish Guards and a world record breaking ‘Hey-Jude-sing-a-thon’. Including entertainment from Brouahaha International, it’s going to be an explosive opening!

Monday 25th August, Echo Arena – 10am

The TFA is the big one, the Blue Ribbon event to be crowned the Toughest Firefighter on the planet. Using St Georges Plateau as a backdrop, competitors will have Hose runs, Obstacle courses, stair climbs and other baptisms of fire to test their mettle. Do not miss this main event! Wed 27th, Thur 28th, Fri 29th, Sun 31st August, St Georges Plateau – 9am

Firefighters aren’t just humans you know, Fire dogs will also have a chance at getting gold. Skills such as agility, water rescues and cross country will be put to the test of these canines who are hoping to avoid a paw performance. Split between Croxteth Park and Dukes Dock. Tuesday 26th & Thursday 28th August, Croxteth Hall and Country Park-9am, Wednesday 27th August, Dukes Dock-9am

Held at the Landrover experience in Speke, this event is designed to push the driving skills of firefighters which include negotiating an obstacle course in a Land Rover Discovery and accuracy challenges. Tuesday 26th Aug, Landrover Experience – Speke, 8:30 am

Hoof it down to Aintree to see the wonderful condition these service horses are kept in. The world famous racecourse will host spectacles from dressage and show jumping over three days. A unified event for both Firemen and Firewomen to wind up the politically correct. Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th August, Aintree racecourse-10am

Firefighters half-naked flexing their muscles and covered in oil? It’s a chance for Firefighters to show off the physique their job gives them and ladies, you’d be stupid to miss it. Tuesday 26th – 27th August, Echo Arena-10am

Missing the Tour de France? Don’t worry, the time trial is just one of a number of cycling events. Hosted at the Rainford bypass, competitors will have to circumnavigate a strict course, with the fastest time getting the yellow jersey. Thursday 28th August, Rainford Bypass-11am

Following in the footsteps of MasterChef, competitors will have to create a two course meal from £15 worth of ingredients in just under two hours, whilst judging will be based on skills such as hygiene, composition and presentation. If you can’t stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen! Friday 29th August, Liverpool Community College -9am

Poker you say? It’s the Firefighters choice whilst waiting to be called to duty. The event itself kicks off at 2:30pm and the game is Texas Hold ’em. Think these guys have nerves of steel in front of a towering inferno? Let’s see how they fare when all they have is a 2 and a 4… Monday 1st Sept, Leo Casino – Queens Dock, 12pm

Competitors can unwind after the games by attending the closing ceremony at the Echo arena. A ticketed event costing £40, they’ll be treated to a fancy dinner and a full entertainment roster. Register online as tickets will sell like hot cakes! Tuesday 2nd Sept, Echo Arena – Evening

For more information: Tel:  0870 888 1888 or WEB: wfg08.com