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Sevenstreets: Ron Dixon’s Top 5 Storylines

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A tribute to Vince Earl, Brookside actor who portrayed Ron Dixon. I take a look back on his top 5 storylines as a get well soon wish, with the news that Vince has recently been taken ill: http://www.sevenstreets.com/blog/ron-dixons-top-5-storylines-vince-earl-brookside/

Liverpool.com Blog – Cul-de-sacked



Ever wanted to re-enact the moment Jimmy Corkhill was locked in his own bedroom suffering from the effects of cold turkey? Well, now you can-for a measly half a mil. The famous Brookside close where so many happy and poignant memories took place is up for sale, with house prices ranging between £550,000-£600,000 which seems a bit steep in today’s financial climate, especially as most of them have overgrown gardens and are in dire need of repairs. Still, it’s a slice of TV history. You can always claim Trevor Jordache died in your kitchen and was buried under your patio! The auction takes place on 17th December at, you guessed it, Brookside close. Let’s hope there’s some hilarious quips like when Ron Dixion heard the Simpson’s had bought No.9 in ’96. “Which one? Baaaaaart or ‘Omer?”